My Forex Trading Secret

Why did I start making money after a couple of months of learning and also practicing, however, these people are still learning? Most of them know much more than me, but why they don’t earn money? What’s the secret of my achievement?

I’m a very good trader, because:

1. My trading plan is easy and simple to use:

I discovered the technical evaluation and candlestick indicators and patterns. This is exactly what I did when I began learning forex. Eventually, I almost mastered the technical evaluation and candlesticks. I demo traded and found this conclusion that I should stay with candlesticks and forget about the other activities like support/resistance lines and also levels, chart patterns, and… as they were in some way too difficult, time-consuming, and also unreliable.

2. I’m disciplined:

I simply use what I’ve learned and also the tools I’ve. I’m not looking for other things. I don’t let any emotions conflict and make me decide incorrectly. I look into the charts and so I place the orders if I notice an effective signal. It’s as easy as that.

3. I wait for the best setup:

There are always a few weak setups on the charts. These types of setups are for the traders who wish to lose money. They aren’t for the expert and skilled traders. Therefore, I leave those setups for the other people. I wait for a best and powerful setups, and thankfully they always form. There’s always good possibilities in the currency trading market. If I don’t trade today, I’ll get it done tomorrow.

I’m a great trader, and I don’t try to compete with a friend who trades greater than me and makes more income. We’re both good, however, our trading style is unique. Trading style includes a direct connection with personality, and as everyone has a unique personality, no-one can compete with the another trader in forex trading.

Hey, I am Jeffrey. I know myself being a good and also successful trader because I’ve been in a position to repeat my achievement every month for many years. It’s good that they’re not disappointed yet; however, I don’t know when they’ll start making money constantly.

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